Whitby Farms is a family farm established over 50 years ago in the Columbia Basin of South-Eastern Washington. Today, along with their families, Whitby Farms’s second generation brothers, Jeb, Bart, Lared, and Josh continue to practice the business of agriculture and stewardship with a diversified listing of crops.

Being more effective on a global market. How does a company with multiple divisions communicate its value proposition to local, regional and international audiences? How does a family farm operate with efficiency in order to meet the needs of significantly important buyers?

Enigma assisted Whitby Farms in a plan to assure the advancement of all of the Whitby brother’s interests and divisions of the business. Part of that advancement included the creation a cohesive brand structure for an identity-fragmented company with multiple divisions. This unified image and company message was crafted through creative, digital, and web and includes the newly generated line of Farm Boy beef and fruit products.

Enigma created a consistent and sophisticated look with a message of superior quality and unmatched service. Enigma showcased Whitby Ag Enterprises’ ability to control and process all of Whitby Farms and Whitby Bros Land and Livestock hay production from the ground to storage, along with a new and professional look for the Whitby Trucking transportation arm of the business.

Whitby Farms new identity allowed for increased channels of communication both regionally and overseas. Multifaceted levels of communication are now integrated for use with forage products, beef, fruit, transportation and hay.