Our methods are a science; purposeful in every intention and meticulously thought out.


Does your organization need a positive change?
Enigma’s strategic process takes our clients on a journey of activating positive change. The Enigma process is highly collaborative and begins with assessing our client’s needs.

A Needs Assessment can also be referred to as a baseline analysis which supports a company’s effort to re-examine goals.  We do this in order to determine the path you are on and if you are able to accomplish them.  Gaps between the current situation and the desired outcome become apparent as a company lists the factors that define “where they are at.” We can then examine protocols, habits, and behaviors that are currently in place that support the effort and the barriers that may be preventing success and help identify;

“Where are we, and where do we want to be?”  or  “The current state compared to the desired state.”


One of the first steps in bridging the gap is to establish a baseline that includes the benefits of your product or service, as well as the barriers that keep your organization from reaching its goals.  What do you need to have in place in order to achieve desired results?   Is it capital, personnel, training, equipment, communication or a combination of all these?

“What do we need to reach our objectives?”


Market research should be part of your business strategy as it is driven by the evidence revealed in the baseline analysis and identifies the necessary tools and resources needed to bridge the gap. It enables you to identify your target audience, discover what they think about your ideas, products or services, and gather insight to help you develop effective communication.

Research identifies whether your product or service is appealing and gives proof to its position in the marketplace, growth potential, and overall relevancy.  Lastly, market research will enable you to validate everything from ideas and perceptions to processes and consumer insights, thus allowing an organization to fine-tune procedures before investing resources.


Strategize and set Benchmarks.  Enigma will assist in the development of creative ideation that cultivates the proper strategies to supports your goals. We will set benchmarks as actionable steps and assign realistic time frames to each. These benchmarks or targets are a great way to keep a campaign on track and will provide the data to make necessary adjustments to increase the focus on your deliverables.