Carey Motors


Company Overview
Carey Motors of Yakima is the franchise dealership for Lincoln and Hyundai forYakima, Kittitas, Benton and Franklin Counties.  Carey motors of Yakima has a rich history of serving Yakima, Kittitas, Benton and Franklin Counties with quality vehicles and superior service.

Carey Motors was experiencing a decline in sales over the past several years – why? And, how can we reverse this trend?

Enigma worked alongside with Carey Motors management, sales and service staffs to identify both internal and external issues relating to a declining sales trend.

Enigma performed a comprehensive baseline analysis to assist Carey Motors in examining the behaviors and protocols that positively or negatively impacted their goal. The evidence from the baseline study dictated what research and consumer assessments needed to take place. The research confirmed that the buying behaviors of consumers have changed dramatically over the past 10 years and some of Carey Motors practices did not keep pace with the changing environment of auto sales.

As a result, Enigma was able to set a clear direction and properly implement a sound communication strategy that has positioned the dealership for efficient, measurable growth across all departments.